Tuesday October 16 , 2018

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 Welcome to DEXTRON Group 


Since our inception, our strategy has been based upon focus, differentiation, and relationships. We focus our efforts on engineering problems that can benefit from radical efficiency gains and develop Best Practices to solve these problems. We differentiate ourselves by integrating our deep industry knowledge with sophisticated workflow and information management systems to deliver sustainable and measurable benefits in our focus areas. We develop strong relationships with our clients to understand their business objectives and propose solutions to achieve those objectives in the most practical and cost-effective manner. Our Best Practices have redefined the process industry benchmark of quality, cost, and schedule in our domains, yet we continue to challenge ourselves to achieve higher levels of excellence and offer unparalleled value to our clients.

Partnerships are a crucial element in DEXTRON's activities. We are constantly seeking innovative ways to better communicate and cooperate with our business partners, and as part of this effort, DEXTRON has set up its new E-Procurement system, E-resume system and E-room system.

  • E-Procurement
  • E-Resume
  • E-Room

Please use the main menu to navigate through our site and learn more about these new features available for our partners, potential employees and companies willing to cooperate in a fruitfull business relationship with DEXTRON Group.

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