Tuesday October 16 , 2018

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romaniaflag DEXTRON IMPEX S.R.L

Dextron Impex S.R.L. was setup to enable DEXTRON Group be active on the Romanian market, Eastern Europe and Central European markets.

Romania being one of the first countries in the world to exploit crude oil refining, and with considerable oil and gas reserves, has formed over the years specialised institutions, colleges, training facilities and R&D facilities which concentrate on the Oil and Gas industry. Thus DEXTRON Group, through Dextron Impex - Romania, is able to further develop and nurture and already formed manpower force in Romania.

Besides Dextron Impex's capability to provide DEXTRON Group with qualified manpower, it also acts as a logistical center serving DEXTRON Group ad other partners. Being at the heart of continental Europe, this provides for an excellent means for DEXTRON Group to quickly get mobilised throughout the world.

Dextron Impex also acts as the group's Custumer Relationship Management Center, where all communications with our custommers, vendors and potential clients is carried out. Please address any questions you may have regarding DEXTRON Group at the coordinates mentioned below.

You may contact us by phone, fax or email at:

Phone: +40-244-516608 / 558555 / 593555;
Fax: +40-244-516608/585665;
e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.