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Client: TCNriver crosing Scan1

City/Country: NIGERIA


Project Title: Construction of 330kV S/C Transmission Line 2nd Benin - Onitcha Contractual Part 2

Project Value: USD 2, 354, 351.82 + NGN 553, 596, 607.32

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pic1Client: NIPP (National Integrated Power Project)

City/Country: Ikeja, Lagos / NIGERIA

Status: Completed

Project Title: Construction of LOT 16-2, Turn-in Turn-out Oke Aro-Egbin/Ikeja West D/C Transmission line

Project Value: USD 465,453,.82 + NGN 50,246,111.61

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Client: NIPP

City/Country: Benin / NIGERIA

Status: Ongoing

Project Title: Construction of Lot 19-4, Benin north - Okada 132kV D/C Transmission Line

Project Value: USD 4,228,612.65 + NGN 345,096,019.85

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Client: NIPP

City/Country: Papalanto, Ogun State; Ikeja, Lagos / NIGERIA

Status: Completed

Project Title: Construction of Papalanto - Ikeja west 330kV D/C transmission line

Project Value: USD 3,762,930

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Client: Chevron Nigeria

City/Country: Lagos / NIGERIA

Status: Completed

Project title: Crude Oil Tank Replacement and Upgrade project

Project Value: USD 20million

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Client: NNPC, PPMC

City/Country: Warri / NIGERIA

Status: Completed

Project Title: Warri Jetty Rehabilitation Project


Client: NIPP

City/Country: Enugu; Makurdi / NIGERIA

Status: Ongoing

Project Title: 330kV transmission lines and sunstations, LOT 2

Project ValueUSD 38,133,208.63 + NGN 3,845,868,865.06

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Client: PHCN GYJ1.2

City/Country: Gombe; Yola; Jalingo / NIGERIA

Status: Completed

Project Title: PHCN Project - 330kV transmmission line through Gombe-Yola-Jalingo

 Project Value: Original - USD 63,250,000.00
                            variation - USD 13,512,626.44

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Client: N.N.P.C

City/Country: Alesa Eleme Life Camp, PortHarcourt / Nigeria

Status: Completed

Project title: Raw Water Tank at PortHarcourt Refining Company Ltd

Client: N.N.P.C

City/Country: Alesa Eleme Life Camp, Port Harcourt / NIGERIA

Status: Completed

Project title: Demineralized Water Tank, Automatic third train dermineralization unit at Port Harcourt Refining Company Ltd

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tam1Client: N.N.P.C

City/Country: PHRC Life Camp, Port-Harcourt/Nigeria

Status: Completed

Project title: TAM Rehabilitation Projects (63 projects): Port Harcout Old and New Refinery

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Client: PHCN
City / Country: New-Bussa/ Niger State / Nigeria
Project value: EURO 150,05656.95+ NGN 11,416, ::Project type: EPC
Status: 100%
Completion date: Completed February 6th 2013
Capacity: 13kV D/C Land Lines and 330kV S/C River Crossing
Project title: Kainji-New Bussa 132kV D/C line with 330kV S/C River Crossing

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City / Country: Victoria Island / Nigeria

Project valueNGN 143,927,320.00
Project type: EPC

Status: Completed

Completion date: 23rd March, 2007
Project title: Regional Control Centre Ikeja-West Substation

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Client: Niger Delta Development Commision (NDDC)

City / Country: Benin-City/Edo State / Nigeria

Project value: USD 5,730,135.08+NGN 711,211,1
Project type: EPC
Status: Ongoing
Project title: Construction of Benin-Ugo132kV D/C Transmission Line

Read more: Costruction of Benin-Ugo transmission lines

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