About Us

At Dextron Group we offer highly developed skills in all areas related to planning, design, construction, project management, testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance of high voltage transmission systems and substations.

To help ensure we consistently deliver high-standard service, DEXTRON measures its performance against the world's leading transmission utilities.

We maintain our recognized high standards through extensive on-the-job training, staff development, and leadership and change management programs. This focus on development and continuous improvement provides our customers with consistently high performance and value for money.

DEXTRON's Engineering team designs electricity infrastructure for some of the world's most extreme environments. From remote, rugged terrain to tropical rainforests, we design and project-manage the delivery of transmission lines, substations and control systems and communications facilities for voltages up to 750kV.

Our History

DEXTRON is a Group of companies founded in 1998, as a multidisciplinary engineering organization which presently employs over 300 engineers, technicians and administrative staff. The personnel have substantial experience in design and construction management of large scale industrial projects worldwide. To better serve our clients and provide a more economical service, DEXTRON has aquired the prestigious engineering institute PETRODESIGN S.A (established in 1948). Employing over 150 senior engineers, PETRODESIGN and DEXTRON are able to provide low cost engineering services for all our projects thus providing considerable savings to our clients. DEXTRON Group has gradually expanded since and continues to do so. We have earned a reputation to provide quality project management, execution, to be ontime and on budget. We continue to invest heavily in our infrastructure, global reach and most importantly in our staff. DEXTRON Group companies follow a comprehensive quality manual, established according to the requirements set forth by SR EN ISO 9001:2015, based on modern quality management principles. DEXTRON Group companies have executed large projects all over the world and have come to aquire enormous expertise and know-how.