Transmission Lines

We Provide turnkey project services for transmission lines up to 750kV. We have value added components to external projects because we also operate the system after it is installed.

Refineries & Petrochemical Plants

We have been serving chemical, petrochemical and petroleum refining for over 55 years now through one of our subsidiaries Petrodesign.


Petrodesigns activities have has diversified over the past 7 years and now we focus on new projects such as oil pipelines, crude oil refining plants.

Tank Farms

Due to the management of environmental issues, petrodesign has developed its own strategies for hazard management, technological safety, and vunerability of industrial systems.

Industrial Constructions

We have experience designing infrastructure for some of the world's most extreme environments. From remote rugged terrians to tropical rainforests.

DEXTRON's sound understanding of global operations is vital in determining the best solution for new projects in the developing regions. This has been clearly demonstrated in our many assignments. Transferring technology to developing regions can only be achieved successfully with an in-depth appreciation of the wider range of technical, commercial, political and logistic issues in such geographical areas. Where appropriate, we are able to call upon the aided resources of our sister companies within the DEXTRON group which as an estinguished service provider to the international oil and gas industry, has unmatched specialized knowledge and experience around the globe. From multidiscipline consulting engineering to plant commissioning DEXTRON can offer a wide range of services. Highly qualified engineers allow the company to approach full engineering services even for the most sophisticated plants.

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Serving the offshore, onshore, petroleum, gas and chemical processing industries, DEXTRON offers to customers, operating companies, engineers, contractors and similar organizations involved in the field, the leading-edge expertise of its specialists and provides a comprehensive range of professional services including:

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technical assistance and consultancy, project management, feasibility studies, conceptual and basic design, process, basic and front-end engineering, detailed engineering, procurement, construction & construction management, planning & scheduling of commissioning and start-up, man-hours estimation, preparation of pre-commissioning & commissioning procedures, technical documentation development (including operation handbooks), supervision of operators & technicians, fault finding and remedy action, plant commissioning, test run and start-up, technological operation, maintenance and after-installation services, professional training of customer's staff;

modernization, revamping and retrofitting of chemical, petrochemical, oil extraction and processing plants;

studies of research and expert's appraisal upon the performance of chemical and petrochemical, oil drilling, extraction and processing plants, evaluation, monitoring and control of the physical and cost performance of operating units, efficiency improvement, decrease of safety hazards, lowering of production cost;

development of mathematical models for engineering new processes and optimization of existing plants;

development of evaluation criteria for key operation issues, such as energy use and conservation, hydrocarbons loss, manning levels, yield, product manage-ment, plant debottlenecking;

energy conservation studies for oil processing and petrochemistry;

engineering, technical-economic and conjuncture aspects;

project support services, offer analyses, preparation of specifications to obtain bids from licensers, suppliers' selection, correlation of capacities and products, investment and cost evaluation, site selection, etc.;

maintenance management: planning, organization and control of maintenance work, labor allocations and part inventories on a continuing basis, for a wide range of dynamic and stationary technological equipment and machinery in the process, utilities or offsites area of the plants;

development, planning and implementation of testing procedures to ensure effective process control;

development and implementation of procedures for corrosion and wear testing, quality control, use and inventory of chemicals, refrigerants and lubricants used in plant processes;

studies for environmental protection and recovery of by-products resulted from various processes;

studies of refinery waste waters and biological pollutants in industrial waters;

risk analysis and management, fire and safety engineering assistance;

design and execution of civil buildings and industrial constructions;

professional training for a large range of qualifications in the field of oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industries;

provision of highly qualified and reliable manpower;

marketing and business development;

technical documentation and business information;

representation in countries where DEXTRON has subsidiaries - full range of activities.